U-Tub… pizza sushi

U-Tub … la pizza a passeggio”, the new concept of “walk and eat” pizza, is a great alternative to the traditional “sit down and eat” pizza.

The idea is simple and consists in rolling up pizza in small format (Ø 18 cm for 90 gr) after baking and serving it in an appropriate paper wrapping.

U-Tub … la pizza a passeggio” is:

  • easy to prepare you can make it in two minutes
  • natural the dough is made with 100% ground durum wheat flour
  • tasty you can add whatever ingredients
  • fresh you can prepare it on the spot
  • handy your costumers can consume it while standing in the bar, walking in the street and relax at home

U-Tub … la pizza a passeggio” will be soon distributed on the Italian territory through appropriate “U-Tub Points” which we are are directly going to set up (we have already opened two corners).

We have alternatively implemented a compact corner (2×2 mt) – which doesn’t need any flues – that we can either rent or sell.

Allegro Simpatico Veloce Gustoso Economico
U-Tub Pizzetta 18 cm condisci ed inforna Pizzetta 18 cm condisci ed inforna
Sforna e arrotola Sforna e arrotola
U-Tub è pronto U-Tub è pronto
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